Lov na divokozu

Lov na divokozu

Balkanska divokoza naseljava planinske masive, počevši od Velebita, pa preko centralnih, zapadno centralnih i jugozapadnih dijelova regiona


About Chamois hunt

Rifled-barrel weapons are used, and lowest allowable kinetic energy of grain on 100m is 2000 joules, minimum allowed weight of grain is 4.80 grams, with maximum shooting distance of 200 meters.


Chamois hunt in Croatia

Chamois hunting season is open from October 1st to January 31st.

First class hunting trophies in Croatia

Chamois ram, horns, Sveti Juraj hunting ground, hunter Damir Vrhovnik, 120,13 cic t, 2007. Chamois che-goat, horns, Jablanac hunting ground, hunter Božidar Šegota, 118,92 cic t, 2004.

Chamois is usually hunt by observation and sneaking with the use of binoculars. Because of its extraordinary senses it's almost impossible to sneak-up to close distance, so shooting is usually done from 200 or 300 meters.


Photo gallery - Chamois hunting

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